Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming/Jersey preview

Two big things for this post, a look at our new kit design for those who haven't seen it, or incase you just didn't get enough the first time around, and our homecoming ride, Oct. 2nd from Grafton to Medford with our incredible alumni.

I'm a huge fan of how these jerseys are shaping up, logo placement and other clothing articles are in the works

Homecoming: Saturday Oct. 2nd Tufts Cycling will be continuing our tradition of riding from Grafton to Medford/Somerville with members of the Tufts Cycling Alumni community. What you need to know is that this ride is a lot of fun and we would love for you to join us, to do so please RSVP with me, alex at by Sept. 24th. The ride process will begin at 8:15 am across from cousins gym by loading our bikes and persons onto a bus, followed by a pretty easy (in both tempo and terrain) ride back to the undergrad campus, getting back in the early afternoon to tables of free food down on the J field. any additional questions can go in the comments section below or to my inbox.

Additionally, group rides are continuing throughout the foreseeable future Saturdays at 2pm. Thank you to everyone who has already come out, we've had some large groups out there, and I promise that the coming weeks will be at a more relaxed pace for those of you (self included) who one of our excellent team dad's Tom C. dropped this past weekend.

also, the Mayor's Cup is this coming Sunday Sept. 26th races start at 2pm, with the PRO 1/2 race starting at 5pm, and going on for 90min in downtown Boston. more info here and I hope that we can get a strong showing of Tufts Cyclist out there to see some of the best go at it right here in Boston.

keep riding,
Tufts Cycling

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