Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Group Rides

With classes starting in a week its time to switch from "Base milage around my house" mode to "Group rides with the Tufts Cycling Team" mode. Ok, even if you haven't been riding we still want to see you out riding with us this coming Sunday Sept. 5th outside the campus center (upper level) by the bike racks, at 2pm. This is an all levels welcome, lets go ride and have fun, ordeal. So non-racers, fear not! A big part of our early group rides is to show everyone interested some safe and fun roads around Tufts, because lets face it, the roads around here don't make it easy to find your own way.

a helpful sign down in Davis

In other news the Team will be out in force at the Fall Activities Fair 5-7pm September 13th, this will be followed by a general intrest meeting later in the week (tbd) where we fill do our best to fill everyone in on whats happened this summer, whats coming up, and get excited about riding.

Plan on group rides being on Saturdays as we move into the fall, and check back here, TuftsLife, and or the Facebook group for dates and times once we figure those little details out.

What you need to know:
-Sunday 9/5 2pm group ride starting at the Campus Center.
-Activities Fair 9/13 5-7pm Res. Quad, come show some support for the team
-More rides to come this fall, including this.

keep riding and enjoy la Vuelta as it continues to heat up

-tufts cycling

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Training Camp

First, a very big thank you to the Schwartz family, who have throughout the past year been there for the team in countless situations, made many of our ECCC race weekends possible, and for me personally were there in the hospital when I really needed them. This pattern of outstanding team support was continued this past week by opening their home to the team for our fall training camp.

Taylor welcomed four of us this past Sunday night; Audrey, Doug (coming almost straight from the airport upon returning from biking across Europe), Eric, and myself (Alex). Greeted by great food and warm beds Sunday quickly became Monday morning and our first ride. The skies threatened with rain but we enjoyed a dry and hilly 50 miles around the lakes of central Maine. Monday also saw the departure of Audrey and Doug for various non-biking reasons.

Tuesday began slowly, the three of us remaining sleeping in then spending the rest of the morning working on our bikes. After a brief lunch Taylor, Eric and I did a bit of exploring around Wayne and Monmouth, finding a couple good climbs and lots of great roads. Unfortunately Wednesday the clouds finally broke, and the cumulative fatigue of the days leading up to this camp and the riding itself caught up with us and we called it quits.

Thanks again to the Schwartz family and everyone who made it up for our training camp.

Eric flying up yet another hill

Alex smiling for the camera

Taylor with some apple trees

Photos by Taylor Schwartz, taken on Tuesday's ride.

Keep riding, and we'll see you in just over a week.

-Tufts University Cycling Team

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the new Tufts University Cycling Team website. Our goal here is to provide the Tufts cycling community and all those interested with up to date information on the races, rides, and events we are involved in and to post the stories that come from those rides. We've got a very exciting fall headed our way with plans for some racing and at least one epic ride already in the works.

News from the recently completed fall training camp in Maine as well as news about our beginning of the year events will be up shortly. So keep riding, and check back in soon for more info.

-Tufts University Cycling Team